one piece


The story begins with the execution of the Pirate King (海賊王 Kaizokuō?) Gol D. Roger. Just before he died, Roger revealed that his treasure was left out of the sea if anyone could find it. And so the bloody adventurers and the ambitious people rushed to the sea looking for the greatest treasure, One Piece (ひ と つ な ぎ の 大 ワ ン ピ ー ス ス ス ス) ー). The Great Pirate era (海賊 時代 Dai Kaizoku Jidai?) Begins.

Twenty-two years later since Roger was executed, a teenage boy named Monkey D. Luffy was inspired by a pirate who was his childhood idol, “Redhead” Shanks, from East Blue. Sail out on the journey to find the legendary treasure One Piece and become the Pirate King. Luffy began searching for his comrades to set up his own pirate crew, the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy encountered the pirate crew Alvida, Colonel Morgan Navy branch “Hand ax”; Then save and get the first crew member Roronoa Zoro swordsman. Zoro dreams of fulfilling his promise to his deceased best friend, becoming the world’s strongest swordsman. Then a female thief named Nami joined the band as a pilot and dreamed of drawing a map of the whole world in One Piece; a man with extraordinary marksmanship and a lie named Usopp joined the band with a mark of marksmanship and his dream of becoming “brave warrior of the sea”; Sanji – a deputy chef of the railway station is very addicted to the beauty of a Baratie beach restaurant joining the chef position with the dream of finding the legendary sea “All blue”; The whole band was given a ship called Going Merry. The Straw Hats faced many different pirate crews including Buggy ice, Kuro ice and Krieg ice. Nami then left the ice. Luffy’s group confronts the fish pirate crew of Arlong, a racist between the fishman and the humans and ruling Nami’s homeland. Luffy defeated Arlong and Nami to rejoin the band, and Luffy also had his first wanted after the event. Then the Straw Hats stop at “The City of Beginning and Ending” Logue Town, the home of the Pirate King and also where he was executed. Luffy’s group clashes with Colonel Smoker’s Navy group. Luffy was saved by Dragon from Smoker’s hands and left Logue Town safely. After leaving Logue Town, the Straw Hats head towards Reverse Moutian in the Red Line to enter the Grand Line, the most dangerous sea in the One Piece world.

After entering the Grand Line, the Straw Hats meet Nefeltari Vivi, the princess of a country called Alabasta. Vivi asks the Straw Hats to help his homeland to defeat the organization of a crime that is confusing the country called Baroque Works, the leader of the organization is Sir Crocodile – one of That Vu Hai. On this journey the Straw Hats had a new member as a doctor who was a reindeer named Tony Tony Chopper (Chopper’s dream was to cure all kinds of diseases in the world), from Drum Island. also encountered some members of Baroque Works. The Straw Hats land at Alabasta, starting the battle with Baroque Works. In Alabasta, Luffy met his older brother, Portgas D. Ace, Captain of the 2nd Whitebeard Pirates. At the same time one of the three ancient weapons, Pluton, was revealed, implying that it is currently under the royal tomb of the Nefeltari Family. Luffy defeated Crocodile, the Straw Hats destroyed Baroque Works and ended the civil war in the country, bringing peace back to Alabasta. Later, former Deputy Director of Baroque Works – Nico Robin archaeologist joined the Straw Hat Pirates. She has a dream to find Rio Poneglyph (P の 歴 史 の 本 本 リ オ ・ ・ ー ネ リ リ フ フ フ フ フ フ フ フ フ フ フ フ フ フ フ, リ リ リ フ リ フ, リ eg フ)))) in, discovering the whole true history of the empty century was hidden by the World Government.

After stumbling upon some of the island’s clues, the Straw Hats stopped at Jaya Island and accidentally met “Black Bear” Marshall D. Teach – who also had an ambition to be the Pirate King. With the help of Montblanc Cricket and the Monkey Mountain Union successfully put the Straw Hats in the sky. After arriving in the skypie skypie, the Straw Hats were entangled in the war of ownership of the island between the two ethnic groups Skypie and Shandia. Enel, who possessed the power of thunder, was the head of the Skypie. Luffy defeated Enel and saved Skypie from catastrophic destruction, the war ended. After leaving the island in heaven, the Straw Hats arrive at Long Ring Long Land and participate in the Davy Back FIght game with the Foxy Pirates. Here the Luffy team also meets Admiral Aokiji, who reveals that Robin is an extremely dangerous criminal and is tracking the Poneglyphs – the stones that record the history of the empty century, which banned by the World Government. At this time the Going Merry was also heavily damaged and needed repairs, the Straw Hats headed for Water 7, home to the famous Galley-La shipbuilding company. At Water 7, the Going Merry ship was reportedly irreparable and at the same time the Straw Hats clashed with an organization called the Franky House. Because of disagreement with the need to bid farewell to Going Merry, Usopp disagreed


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